Our Defeated Foe

WARNING YOUNG CHRISTIAN, THE DEVIL DOESN’T WANT YOU TO READ THIS! 1. Heaven was polluted with sin. Before the resurrection of Jesus, those who died in faith went to a place of comfort known as Abraham’s Bosom (Luke 16:22). This place was adjacent to, but isolated from hell, the place of torment (verse 23). (Hell […]

Victorious Together

We need to adopt an attitude in the Church of One for All, and All for One. Men and women of faith and vision (e.g., Martin Luther) have been (and continue to be) plagued by bouts of depression that are NOT rooted in sin or unbelief. Living a life of thankfulness (Php.4:6), and setting our […]

How To Prepare Now For the Next Crisis

Dear young Christian, just one anecdote from forty years of walking with God: One day I went to work when the cupboard was especially bare. At the end of the day we were told that there was no money for payroll that week! The thirty-mile commute from Troy, NY never seemed so long. As I […]

A Miracle Called Lydia!

Arvada, CO, 1982. This will seem a little ethereal for some, but it’s “New Testament Normal” when you dedicate your life to the gospel, and seek God’s face day-by-day. One day, my wife and I came to the joint realization that our “dream” was being delayed. For years, we had been in agreement that we […]

Giant Killers PART 2–Basic Training for Giant Killers

Daily Application for Giant Killers 1 Samuel 17 1. Defending the sheep from the lion and the bear was a commercial enterprise. David learned to stand in his covenant as part of making his daily living. Jesus said, “Occupy (literally, do business) till I come.” It is a godly thing to take risks for profit, trusting in the […]

Giant Killers PART 1–Tips for Giant Killers

Rethinking the story of David & Goliath.  (1 Samuel 17)  1. For 40 days the whole army of Israel was petrified by the giant.  In fact, the whole story was bad news for Israel–until David showed up.     Verse 42, David came out looking like Carrot Top.  A scrawny, red-headed kid, he didn’t exactly dominate the scene with his physical presence. […]