The Fermi Paradox is just a problem from Logic 101. If A implies B, then NOT B implies NOT A. That is absolutely, always true.

For instance, if the position of the moon [A] predictably controls the tide [B] (It does.), then an unpredictable ebb and flow of the tide [NOT B], would necessarily mean that it is not governed by the position of the moon [NOT A]. (Fortunately for every fisherman on the high seas, the tides are accurately forecast on a published daily schedule [B], precisely because they are controlled by the position of the moon [A].)

The problem that Enrico Fermi posed was that there are numerous stars which are very much like our sun. And there is a high degree of probability that there are also planets like our Earth, capable of supporting intelligent life. Some of these planets are measurably millions of years older than our own. They have had a huge head start on sending explorers across the universe.

If that’s true, it should have happened “a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” But Star Wars is all fantasy. Visitors from outer space should be an everyday occurrence, but they are not.

Fermi, then, asked the hard question. If our Earth produced intelligent life [A], why is there NO EVIDENCE of alien space travel [B] from planets equally capable of sustaining astronauts? So Fermi put the question simply. He asked, “Where is everybody?” Because the TRUTH is that NOT B conclusively implies NOT A. In other words, the whole premise has to be wrong. The Laws of Probability and Logic demand the conclusion: If they are not here, it is because they are not there!

The right answer is that neither the Earth, nor any other planet is capable of PRODUCING life, intelligent or otherwise.

“Poems are made by fools like me,
but only God can make a tree.”

The Earth didn’t produce life, God produced life ON earth. “No evidence” of alien space travel just demonstrates that he sent his ONLY Son to the ONLY planet where he had planted the ONLY race of beings worth the sacrifice.

Jesus did not die for little green men, he gave himself for YOU.