The G.I.’s Mite

Biloxi, MS, c.1974. My wife and I were brand new Christians, just beginning to learn of the faithfulness of God. Early in his own ministerial career, Jerry Savelle had come to speak in Biloxi and Gulfport, Mississippi. At a morning service, he previewed the approaching evening event, announcing that he would be preaching from Matthew 10, […]

Tradition of Communion

Tradition says don’t take communion if there’s sin in your life. But that’s not what the passage is about. Obviously, we all have sin in our lives! But it’s not about sin; it’s about faith. Paul reminds us to consider what we’re doing, and “discern” the Lord’s body. (1Cor.11:26-29) Jesus said, “Take, eat: this is my body, […]

A Wedding Present from the Master

John 2:1-10 The Marriage Feast at Cana. His mother informs Jesus that their hosts have run out of wine. (verse 1-5) Reading between the lines, we can discern that this is a great embarrassment. We can also surmise that his hosts are not wealthy people. I have often overlooked the last part of the next […]